RP Site Awards is a free and independent team aiming to commend and promote the best RP sites of each genre and focus, whilst providing a space for up-and-coming sites to advertise and grow. We are a small group who have been writing and role-playing for many years, whilst also running our own RP site (which is exempt from any awards, just for concern). With an unbiased and fair site review process we focus on highlighting the strengths of each RP site, without compromising or slandering any creations or persons.

Our Review Process
Our Awards Staff are chosen and introduced through the same reviewing process, meaning a fair and unanimous decision can be made during awards. When looking at site we explore a variety of different aspects, not restricted to the following:
  • Community - How friendly, welcoming and interactive the community is to both newcomers and longer term members.
  • Appearance - Not just how nice the site looks, but how intuitive and easy to navigate it is too.
  • Story & Setting - Whether the site has an interesting and original setting or storyline (for 'fan-fiction' sites this includes what has been added to the pre-established universe).
  • Features - What extra features and possibilities the site has, or rather doesn't have if it is trying to maintain a simplistic writing experience.
Staff and Members of the sites will be contacted and asked questions to help further explore some of these points.

The Awards
Over the coming weeks and months we will be unveiling more Awards and categories for sites to be nominated for and win. Some of these will be chosen by our Awards Team, whilst others will be Community Choice awards, voted on by everyone. The winning site(s) will be contacted with congratulations of their achievement, along with the needed code and image(s) to display their award proudly on their site. Some Awards also come with extra rewards for the winner!

Advertisement Opportunities
There are multiple advertisement opportunities here on RP Site Awards to help promote both new and old sites. These come in three stages in order of their quality of outreach.
  1. Advertisement Post - Anyone with an account in our forums can post in the Site Adverts section to advertise their site. Pop an image, description and even the location of most of your member-base for people to see.
  2. Affiliation - We are looking for affiliates to display on the right-hand side of the site, as long as they advertise us on their site too. This really helps legitimise our work here and get the word out about this site.
  3. Sponsorship - If you wish to help us out even more by donating towards the site costs, then we can reserve a premium position of advertising on here for your site.
For numbers 2 and 3 you should contact an Administrator on here or discord.

Disclaimer: Any kind of affiliation or sponsorship agreement does not increase the chances to win Awards, as they are a purely unbiased decision.